Saturday, March 9, 2019

In 1978, a group of scientists from major laboratories in the world, went to Italy taking all of the latest scientific tools to do a study on the Shroud of Turin. An Episcopal Priest, who worked at Los Alamos National Laboratories at that time was part of the group. I heard him speak on this at the time. They were admitted to the room at Turin where the Shroud is kept and allowed a short period of time to complete their studies. He felt it was indeed the Shroud.
 From this website, copied in my previous blog, 8-29-11. The information came at that time from this website: 

"In 1978, a group of scientist conducted a round-the-clock examination of the Shroud for 120 hours. 
During this time the Shroud is lengthily submitted to photographic floodlighting, to low-power X-rays and to narrow band ultraviolet light. Dozens of pieces of sticky tape are pressed onto its surface and removed. A side edge is unstitched and an apparatus inserted between the Shroud and its backing cloth to examine the underside, which has not been seen in over 400 years. The bottom edge (at the foot of the frontal image) is also unstitched and examined...Baima Bollone obtains sample of Shroud bloodstain by mechanically disentangling warp and weft threads in the area of the 'small of the back' bloodstain on the Shroud's dorsal image...performing dozens of tests, taking thousands of photographs, photomicrographs, x-rays and spectra. A total of 120 continuous hours of testing is done, with team members working on different parts of the Shroud simultaneously. This is the most in-depth series of tests ever performed on the Shroud of Turin." 

They took samples only from a portion of the Shroud which was designated for such study. The tests showed that the fabric on which they took the samples was of a much later date than Christ's lifetime. They were disappointed and mystified. It later was found by another researcher at a different time that portion of the Shroud had been rewoven in a later period.

I was interested to see the other day that the information collected by those scientists is housed in Almogordo, NM at a Shroud Museum.

This site deals with various scientific studies of the Shroud.

There are many YouTube videos on the Shroud as well.

With Great Lent upon us, (In the Eastern Orthodox Church, and already begun in the Western Church) the images here bring home the profound Truth of Jesus Christ.

Note: The differences in the Eastern and Western Churches is due to a calendar difference. The Eastern Orthodox Church marks time for the Great Feast of Pascha by the Julian Calendar, which was used at the time of Christ.
The Western Church uses the Gregorian Calendar and contempory calendar
as its source.

Monday, February 18, 2019

A Review-
I have just finished reading the new Orthodox Word. This small publication was focused on the life of a very recent, and I am thinking, soon to be saint, of the Orthodox Church in Russia, Schemanun Theodosia (Kosorotikhina)- 1923-May 2/15, 2014

It is an amazing story about a truly remarkable woman.
She was born in a small village, a quiet hard-working humble young woman, she worked in collective farms and construction projects.  Finally becoming seriously injured in a truck accident, she became bed-ridden.

Her sister cared for her. When her sister died, she continued to have women who would volunteer care. She was joyful, though, in a lot of pain. People came to her for her wisdom and insight into their lives. She often would know exactly what was on their hearts and minds before they came into the room where she was confined to her bed. Priests, Bishops, and Metropolitans often would consult with her.

Here is one such story of many, " Once, I came to see Matushka and was waiting for my turn. There were a lot of people.  There was a Priest Sergei in line. He had come from far away, from the Kazakhstan city of Aktyubinsk. Fr. Sergius was worried, afraid he wouldn't make it in to see Matushka. Suddenly the cell-attendant came out, walked up to him, and said, "What's your name?" "Fr. Sergei." "Come in-Matushka's calling you."
Fr. Sergei was dumbfounded when he came out, and said, "It seems she already knows everything about me."

If you are not familiar with the Orthodox Word Magazine, it contains wonderful and memorable stories of real people, Saints who made differences in many lives who bore Christ within, so they were greater than any individual and colored the lives of all they came in contact.

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Three of us, members of Holy Trinity Church in Santa Fe, meet at a lovely hotel for a book study here in the community where we all live.
We are studying the book, Bread & Water, Wine & Oil, An Orthodox Christian Experience of God By Archimandrite Meletios Webber. It was published by Ancient Faith Publishing in 2007.

We inevitably find some wonder in it as we read parts out loud, sitting around a small table and drinking hot tea.
Today's section was on 'The Mystery of the Present Moment'. Being present to your life in the right now, no memories connected, no future to worry over but simply being. We were all struck by the Cosmic quality of who we are in relation to an awesome Cosmic God.  This quote particularly captured me:

P 80 (next to the last paragraph)
"The present moment is the interface between ourselves and the rest of the universe, and, more importantly, it is the only point of contact between the individual and God. Of all the possible points of time, only the present moment is available for repentance."

The infinity of Creation boggles my mind so it is hard to wrap my understanding around it.  This quote makes me aware of the importance of each human life in a huge incomprehensible universe. Thinking of our very personal lives, our motion, and interaction in our homes and our communities and the understanding of what we do matters and make a difference in the expanding world of stars, planets, and farthest space. It says to me that we are of infinite value.

Our cooperation with a God that cares for us so deeply and wants us to be in relationship with Him, who invites our repentance (turning back to him with apology at our breaking of relationship).
I find that totally awesome. Truly God - Father, Son and Holy Spirit, is breathtaking in His love for us and his continual invitation to be one with Him.
The simplest element of our lives, a moment, is of unfathomable importance.

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

A snowy day here at the very beginning of the new year, January 1, 2019.

I fed the birds early in the day, being reluctant to go outside, I used a dust mop to pull the tray that I am using to feed the little birds over to a window.  The larger seeds are great for the bigger birds but the little guys, Juncos, Black-striped chickadees, and House Finches, get bullied away from the feeder by the larger birds.
Here is a photo of the small birds:

The larger birds every once in a while get the upper hand. Interesting that the dove is hanging back from the Tohee.
Pecking order!

Many of you probably feed birds as part of your daily routine. I love to go to the window and look out and see what is there today, right now. There is something filling in that process and such endless variety and motion, a wonderful entertainment.

In parallel to that, it is wonderful to look higher, to God, in prayer, so we are fed by him as He brings a deeper life and motion to us and a Presence of calm and joy.

May He Bless your New Year!

Thursday, November 23, 2017

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Junk Thoughts

Waking up this morning, I lay in bed enjoying the warmth, as the early mornings now have a chill to them. I realized what an inner conversation was going on, empty chatter! I pushed my thoughts outside of my head to the icons on the wall. The eyes of each icon were looking at me. Behind the eyes were definite Presences. The chatter immediately stopped and there was silence.

Yesterday I stayed for lunch after the Sunday morning liturgy at church. I enjoyed the people and conversations. As I talked and listened, I realized that there is a sharing of love that happens in communication between people. Communication puts you outside of the stew of meaningless personal thoughts...empty thoughts. Conversation involves you.

Attention to the noise in my head is primary to my happiness. I feel happy when empty thoughts are not chewing on me. These thoughts involve guilt, fear, worry, sometimes they just are totally meaningless and are eating up my time. I can choose to listen to the bombardment of thoughts or I can simply redirect my attention to something, someone else.

In prayer, how often I am thinking other things, rather than paying attention to the person (Jesus Christ, the Theotokos, the saints), to whom I am praying. 

The clue is listening. If I am listening as I pray then I am not involved in junk thoughts. I was surprised when I realized the joy involved when they are not present. What an oppressor they are!

One could equivocate them to reading a bad book. You wonder why you are reading it? You find an interesting angle perhaps here and there, but mainly it is a time sucker and a downer. Perhaps the thoughts involve you with an imaginary problem to solve. Some dreams are like that. Do you really want to spend time solving that problem?

Joy is connected to things that link you to another in Love. 

I can count on God to have something to say that is entirely worth hearing. If the people around me don't, then where is someone that does? 

Tuesday, September 5, 2017


In a country, and perhaps the Western world, which is more and more self absorbed, and focused on personal desires and freedom from rules and morals that have held society together; suicide has become more common. 

People say, "You can understand why they did that. They were depressed. Depression is an illness from which one can not escape." Or... "They didn't want to grow old and become a burden on their families." How many remember their 'old' grandparents with love and are thankful for them and the lessons that they taught?

I know people who were depressed that did go on, so perhaps depression can be overcome. There are people who have been through tortuous times in concentration camps, and communist prisons, who have lost all that they had and with every right to despair, didn't. They came out of horrible situations as better and stronger people. In their struggle they looked to God rather than to their own solutions. They traveled the path that was set before them, and even though hard, were enriched because of it. 

If we look only to ourselves and our reasoning for solutions, we sink into despair and depression. It is through focusing on others and on God that we are able to rise above our own thinking. I would add, if one is trapped in his own thinking, then it is probably not only his own, but colored by the negative influence of evil suggestion. If you stop and really listen to what is going on in your head, you know that it is not all from you.

We as human beings are people of community. Those closest to us, the ones that we love the most, and love us the most, become little parts of us and we them. The very act of suicide cuts us out of that person's being, and cuts them from our being. Do you know someone whom you were close to, that committed suicide? Feel how that death affected you, and compare that death with the death of a person that you loved who died by natural circumstances. One feels the difference. How do those differences feel to you. Suicide is not an act of love, it is an act of selfishness. Despair stems from a self focus.

God is Love in the highest sense. We strive to be good and loving people. If we are aiming our sights at what is truly loving and not just self pleasing, then we are participating in an act of cooperation with the Divine. That may and does involve suffering. Suffering if turned into prayer for others works miracles. What better gift can one give those they love than continuing to love, even though suffering, rather than leaving a legacy of despair.

I would like to share two quotes that have been circling in my mind: 

"...pain and suffering drive one to seek a more profound happiness beyond the limitations of this world." Fr Seraphim Rose

And a small piece of a prayer:  

"Preserve me from every inward and outward impulse that is unpleasant in your sight and hurtful to my brother." Elder Sophrony of Essex

With God, Peace is to be found.

Water Tapestry © Claire Brandenburg