Monday, January 12, 2009


This is very good to my mind. I can't say that I really understand it, to be able to totally practice what he (Metropolitan Jonah) is talking about, but I would deeply like to.
I have read in the bible that God is I AM but never thought of I AM as me, always Other. He is saying here that I AM is me as well as God, our oneness, in the depth of each of our souls. That is something to deeply ponder today.

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Monastery of St. John of San Francisco; Volume 2, Issue 2
written by (then) Abbot Jonah

Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Dream

I had an interesting dream this morning.

I was working with a group of people. If I became slowed on part of an operation or in knowledge, another person would step in with the information that would enable what ever it was that I (and thus we) was/were doing to move forward. There were some very high tech projects going on in the dream and some of us were really at a loss to provide the answer. However there was no hesitation in the process...A phone would ring wherever we were, sometimes in an alley, sometimes in a building, once at a museum with ancient bones, and the answer would be provided to one of us who would then step in and accomplish the thing that needed to happen for the job to be completed, so that we could move on to the next thing.

Upon waking I thought- what an amazing concept! That we all may be one. Hmmm

Doesn't that require that the individual be humble?
Doesn't that require community in a remarkable way???
Isn't it interesting that the answer was always provided and the the One who knew could find us no matter where we were. There was complete trust in that One, with no suspicions as to motive or ability.

What a blessing. That we all may be One!

All we have to do is allow the other man in to provide the answer. And perhaps it is we who are the provider in an instance and so we step in with the key. (ie: someone requesting something of us. Money? Goods? Energy? Time?)

And taking this thought into understanding...does it bring joy to my heart to do it, knowing that I am doing it for the One, rather than to only please the individual. Is it in agreement with the One?

May we all be One... in Jesus Christ our Lord and God!