Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Tumbled Stone

I have just received the advance copies of The Tumbled Stone, my new book printed by Holy Protection Monastery's, New Varatec Press. The printer did a beautiful job...Regent Printers, NY City...having that office here in the US and one also in Hong Kong, with the printing done in China.
The last email I got from Michael Buening, my contact in New York was trying to locate the Abbess of the monastery so that she could sign a power of attorney, for an attorney, to act as her agent in getting the books through customs. The letter came to me as an email attachment and was sent back to New Jersey to the brother of the Abbess, who then delivered it to her and it was then sent by mail to the Port Authority in Jamaica, NY. Only with email could something like that be accomplished so quickly!
I was involved with the pre-press work on this book, which I have not done before, and it was and is an amazing education. Who would think that there are attorneys whose job it is to get projects like this book through customs.
Once the paper with her signature is received on that end it will be trucked across the US to a small rural area of Colorado west of Colorado Springs. All in all an amazing process in how things get where they are going.
The book looks great. It is exciting to see it in a bound edition. I made some mock ups of the book to send to reviewers so it doesn't really seem as fresh and novel as it would have if I had not done that, but it is good to see all of the special additions to the graphic end of it that our daughter Catherine added. It looks very nice...though I still miss the purple end papers.
To order:
Call 719-748-3999 or write Holy Protection Monastery, P. O. Box 416, Lake George, CO 80827-Price $14.95

Monday, August 17, 2009

On Hold

Just a quick note, My mother has fallen and broken her wrist, needing constant care now for two weeks. We are in an intense place and moving her into a nursing home possibly this week.
Of constant benifit to me in this time is the Jesus Prayer. Thanks be to God for this prayer of the heart.