Wednesday, November 25, 2009


We are off tomorrow to spend Thanksgiving day with our children and new grandchild. What a lovely thing. I am taking wine and flowers. I think that is a great thing to be thankful for...imagine not cooking Thanksgiving dinner. Really sweet, on top of that spending a day in warm Albuquerque, with people that we love. Thanks be to God! I am looking forward to that!

I went to Albertson's and looked through their cut flower department, purchasing 3 bunches and then added some berries from a plant that I just love. I don't know what it is called, it has been growing in our front yard for about 30 years. We dug it up in the orchard at the top of the road. The seeds that started it had to come on the crest of the ditch water, flowing out of Taos Canyon. The shrub is a wonderful bird attractor because of the red berries and beautiful with bright orange leaves in the fall and yellow flowers against dark green leaves in the spring. I love to sit in my bedroom and listen to the birds talking about how good the berries are. They are very pleased about having such lovely things to eat.

I picked the wine at Susan's Fine Wine and Spirits in Santa Fe. The two wines were highly recommended by Nathan. They are Charles and Charles, Red 2007 and House Wine, The Magnificent Wine Company...both funny labels and happy looking bottles. Along with them are some Meiers Sparkling Catawba and Kristian Regale, Sparkling Ligonberry, Apple Juice. Sounds all good to me and looks very festive all in all.

Happy Thanksgiving to you!!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

That We All May Be One

Tomorrow we are off to a memorial service for my dear brother, Bill.

I seem this morning to be very conscious of all of the people who are in my life. He being one of them. It is incredible how God has given us some people that we particularly focus on, people whose lives we share intimately. They feel part of us, yet separate and because they are separate we yearn for them to obtain the best and the highest that we know. Not knowing what they know and how they think in depth, in many ways we don't know them at all. In ways they are strangers.

My mind comes back to the line - 'that we all may be One'. Separation is a terrible thing.
It comes down to God (again and again). God knows them. God seeks the best for them.
God loves them deeply and thoroughly. In what way are they mine?

If I have something that I think is beautiful, something very special, I want to share it with people that I love (most of all!) If I have a treasure, I want them to have it too.
Prayer is the gateway to sharing the treasure. That is the way they are mine.

There is a beautiful line in the prayer service - 'Treasury of blessing, giver of Life come and abide in us cleanse us of every impurity and save our souls O Good One!'

The Kursk Icon of the Mother of God is visiting Santa Fe, St. Juliana's Church there...It will also visit Holy Trinity. I feel that it blesses us who will be gathering for the service as well. Knowing is a wonderful link.

The Kursk Icon is a Wonderworking icon and is highly venerated in the Orthodox Church. Found in the Kursk forests in Russia, it survived war, it escaped the Communist take over of Russia and has traveled now all over the world bringing blessing to all who venerate it, healing disease, hearts and minds.

May the Kursk Mother of God bless all of us gathering, may She bless those who will not be able to come, and may She intercede for us all at the throne of her son and our God, and give us great consolation!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Pocket Full of Pups

Here are some doggie home companions that are very sweet little friends. They belong to our daughter and they are temporarily being our pups. They follow me every where and like to sit wherever I am at work or play.

I was sitting here at my computer with the UPS tracking site pulled up, wondering what on earth has happened to my Mother's bathrobe, that was coming by UPS. Shows that it should be in Taos, even though it was supposed to go to Carlsbad.

I thought I heard a truck drive up in the front of the house. Lately have been thinking that I have been imagining that trucks driving up in front of the house and wonder where the sounds are coming from...but I guess what I heard are trucks, as there was one there. It and it's occupants were looking for my sister in law up the road. The young man that was driving looked familiar and I said, "Your face is familiar." He says, "UPS". In the conversation he gave me the telephone number for the local UPS office and said they will be open Monday at 8:00. Maybe I can pick up the robe before I head south to see her in Carlsbad.

That was interesting timing. It would have taken me all morning to research that. Our Lord and God, continually sends us consolations and delights in small mysterious ways.