Monday, December 21, 2009

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Thoughts on the coming Nativity of Jesus Christ

I ordered from Holy Trinity Monastery in Jordanville, NY, book 2, of their book series of Akathists (prayers for a specific feast day or a saint). In it is the Akathist Hymn to the Nativity of Christ. It is very lovely, powerful and moving!

This morning into the prayer, I accidentally inserted a word that wasn't there, but evokes a great and powerful thought. Brokenness.

We are broken in our sinfulness. There are slights to others where we do not show love but our own self will. We have made ourselves little gods, wanting things to be the way we command them, we want to create others in our image, in fact we want to create God in our image. It is hardly even necessary to mention the common equation of sinfulness which elicits ideas of stealing, murder etc.

We see ordinary people around us that are broken. People hiding behind a wall of protection so their god-ship won't be threatened. People mentally off in another world of their own devising. The here and now, true reality is hard to deal with. We can't change it and we can't change the truth of it.

I used to see a young man who wandering around town talking to himself, wearing a thin blanket for a coat in the deepest cold, mentally somewhere else. Talking to him, he seemed not unhappy with his blanket and was sure that someone was coming to help him but not wanting help in the way of a coat. There was something unbalanced and unwholesome about him that I could feel. People like that are scary.

It actually is frightening to get into their space. They are off in a particularly unhealthy "broken" world. Somehow I always feel scared when I talk to them. I sense that I might somehow get sucked into the vortex and get broken like they are. "Broken like they are" applies to all manner of brokenness. Broken is scary in what ever way it is shaped and thus the person maintaining it is scary.

Into that picture you see God, the King of Creation and Glory who condescended to be born as a man, one of his creatures. He set himself right down smack dab in the middle of the brokenness of the world, and sure enough He got broken. At least it looked that way. But there is a miracle here at play.

He knew that it would be painful. He knew that it would cost Him his human life but, He also knew -that which breaks-evil, could not "break" His Life. That in entering His creature He transformed the ability of His creature to enter His Life and become One with It. By His physical birth, the Well-Spring of His Life was invested in us, giving us the doorway back to Him.

The (Life) Spring does not function very well unless we do the things that help it to flow, unless we get the lid of off of it and enlarge the opening. The Eucharist builds that doorway mystically. That is why it is important to participate in His Church.
He begins to operate fully within us and we grow in His Life in accordance to our allowing Him to enter ours.
We weed, He makes Life grow in abundance.
Faith in that Well -Spring Life not our life is the focus. All goodness flows from that kind of Faith.