Friday, January 22, 2010

Can it finally be January?

I can't believe a month has gone by since I wrote last. How time flies! A very snowy morning here in Northern NM. The big storm is at our doorstep and a strange sleepiness has overcome me. A good day to stay inside....6 inches and counting.

I have been looking for a commercial place to rent. I (we) have the idea, (in conjunction with Holy Trinity Orthodox Church in Santa Fe), that it might be good to see if we can collect some people interested in Orthodoxy here. I looked at one place. Too hidden. I looked at another in a great location, the door and bathroom were in the east corner, (want to set up a big icon corner) so that seemed not quite the right place. Also the bathroom is shared with the next office and that seems like it might not be so good.

Seems to me this morning that there is some other place that I haven't come across yet that might be just perfect. I feel that Jesus is telling me to look a little further. I don't quite know the shape of what I want to put in there. Certainly there will be books and lots of icons, and lots of prayer.

While I am praying and thinking that out there is something to look at, someone sent this to me. It is a fascinating site with 360 degree pictures of the Holy Sepulchre. Try clicking on the the bottom and you can look at the beautiful floors in different parts of the Great and Holy Church. Swing the picture to the top and and the ceiling can be viewed. Use the arrow keys to view different rooms. A pretty stunning virtual trip into this Holy place of Jerusalem!