Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Getting in Gear

Things are beginning to move forward with our process of getting a Chapel and Bookstore started here. We met with the town and contractor. The contractor had to be specially qualified to do the ADA improvements that we needed to do. Fortunately the building inspector said that we didn't have to enlarge the doorways because the building is an older building. We do have to put up exit lights over the doorways with a fire extinguisher by each and add thresholds that are ADA approved creating a bit of a ramp into each of the two rooms and add a wheelchair accessible asphalt pad for parking with sign and sidewalk to the doorway.
The Chapel is a very nice space for us, about 7.5 feet wide and 22 feet long. Perfect for an iconostasis in the front with standing room for about 15 people and benches that we will put around the back for people that need to sit.
The Bookstore is about 17 feet by 22 feet, with a little back kitchen space. It would be ideal if we had a sink in that little room but good enough for now. The bathroom which is off of this small room is large which is great for the ADA requirements, about 8 feet square.
I have been amassing books, room decor and things to sell which are being stored in my studio(thanks to some wonderful donations). The studio is getting to be packed but I still have working space so that is great.
We will have a curtain across the iconostasis for a Royal Door. I have been working on printing a Annunciation image on linen on my computer, which can be sewn to the curtain. I will take it to church on Sunday and see what Father John thinks of it and if it will work in that respect. It looks good to me but he is the final determiner. I am hoping that my God son can build the iconostasis and am in process of working with him on it. A lot to do still but my guess is that we won't be open until mid to late August.
I am pleased actually with the delay, even though the hearing date with the Town has been pushed back a few times from our original start up time, as it has given me more time to gradually work on the details, as their are a variety of things to work on.