Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Lull

A new CD from Holy Trinity CDs will be offered in our
book store. It is called A Spiritual Testament from
St. Sergius of Kasimov, one of the New Confessors of
Russia. Excellent!

We are moving along with our process. We are waiting on many small details that need to happen which are the flash for a whole process to happen and our project to move forward. We are currently awaiting an acknowledgment from the IRS on Holy Trinity's 501 c3 status so that we can set up a new business in NM and open a bank account, merchant status for a credit card machine, a business application to the Town of Taos.
Who would think!
I see this waiting however as a very welcome break. Time to consider and to think. I went down to our business site that we will be renting, measured the furnishings and marked them with small pieces of paper to see how everything will fit, so now have a good idea of how we will put it together visually. How the space will work. Do we have enough furniture, where will we serve the food etc.
We would need to get a food license from the Environmental Office through the State to cook food; so decided on Food Service instead. This means everything has to come directly from the package and customers will need to serve themselves. Coffee can be made, tea etc. and put in air pots. My thought is it will be better to have the time with customers than to be a cook.
I somehow couldn't wrap my mind around how this would work but seem to now have a better concept thanks to good advise. There are still areas that I am not sure about. But we did decide that we would make 3-4 kinds of beverages for customer to try, making a different one each day - those being, coffee (1-2 flavors), tea, (alternating between herbal (ti sane) and regular tea) and sipping chocolate. We will start with one coffee flavor until we see what the flow of traffic is. We will be selling all of the above in different flavors in packaged form for the customer to take home along with interesting food items as well, all packaged.

We have been working on icons of various sizes, framed churches, small notepads, magnets, travel icons and cards to compliment our selection of great Orthodox Books.
It will be wonderful to get it all in place.
The space is very small but hopefully wonderful!
Drop in if you are in Taos.
We can't say yet when the opening will be. Mostly cooling our heels at the moment.