Thursday, November 18, 2010

An Unexpected Turn

Good for God!!!
The article announcing the opening of Holy Annunciation and Heavenly Ladder Books didn't make it into the paper today.

The insurance lady, Marilyn just called and the insurance is stalled and it will be after the first of the week before she can get it moving.

So isn't that interesting. God knows these things.

I did talk to the editor, Joan today and things sound promising to have it in the paper with photos (which I didn't have this week), but sounds as if we will have to wait until we have the insurance which will be next week we hope.
So as a result the drawing for the book will be December 5th and announced on the 6th, rather than this Sunday. I would like to have the drawing in conjunction with the Chapel/Book Store opening.
So keep those names coming and we will have a magnificent drawing!!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

The Winner of The Tumbled Stone!!!

Jennifer Park your name was drawn last night at 9:20 PM, Mountain Standard Time.


For all those who would like to enter the next drawing please send me your names and that drawing will be held on Sunday the 21st of November.
Your choice, The Tumbled Stone or Song of the Talanton (with accompanying cd)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

More on Book Give Away

Hope you all weren't bashful about copying and pasting the name of the other authors on Google, because embarrassed to say, the web pages etc. of some didn't show up on the page. Please forgive to the authors and to those of you who felt frustrated by that.
There is still time to enter my give-away. I plan to do the drawing this evening. In fact I even have a impartial draw-er to do the job.
I plan to keep the names of people that have submitted for the next drawing. Winner is out unless you re-submit. Let people that you know submit their names for the next drawing which will be done on the evening of the 21st. Our new bookstore will open the 22nd.
I am game to let the winner have a choice of either book. The new one, The Tumbled Stone, New Varatec Press, Protection of the Holy Virgin Orthodox Monastery, Lake George, CO, 719-748-3999 (if you are interested in ordering copies) or Song of the Talanton, Conciliar Press, I won't try to link it as the link tends to disappear.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

5 Children's Book Authors Give away Books!! Sign up for the One that You Want!!

Check out the Blogs or Web-Pages of the following authors for a great start at Christmas gift giving, for yourself or for someone that you know. Free books are being given away by these authors ~ sign up for a chance to win now!!!! The First Drawing will be on November 14 and the winner announced on the 15th.

All the names will be dumped after that drawing. Then there will be another drawing on November the 21st for the book, Song of the Talanton (Includes CD) (Conciliar Press) You will need to send your name after the 15th to be included in that drawing. That drawing will coincide with the opening of Heavenly Ladder Books, Arts, Coffee and Tea .

Our first day in operation with a service in the Chapel will begin on Monday, November 22, also my brother's birthday and the beginning of the week of Thanksgiving. How nice is that!

To enter one of my drawings please email me your name though the comments section under this entry and I will put your name in the hopper. The name of the winner of my drawings will be entered on this blog.

Author Chrissi Hart has a Doctorate in Psychology from the University of Leicester, UK. As a Chartered Clinical Psychologist in England, she helped troubled children for twenty years. Born in Cyprus, Chrissi now writes stories for children from her cultural heritage that are inspiring and spiritually satisfying. She lives in York, Pennsylvania, with her husband Barry and children, Adam and Sophia. They attend St. John Chrysostom Antiochian Orthodox Church, where Chrissi is a choir member and tends the church gardens. She has a podcast slot on Ancient Faith Radio with the reading of Children’s Books. Chrissi will be giving away a copy of The Hermit, the Icon and the Emperor.(Conciliar Press) On her podcast she reads the various books: See this page for her book give away:

Heather Zydek is a novelist and English teacher who lives in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin with her husband and three daughters. She served as editor of the books The Revolution: A field manual for changing your world and The Relevant Nation: 50 Activists, Artists and Innovators who are changing their world with faith (Relevant Books, 2006). Learn more about her work at Heather will be giving away her book, Basil’s Search for Miracles,(Conciliar Press) on her website.

Jane G. Meyer was a contributing editor and columnist for a journal for Orthodox Christian women, The Handmaiden , and is an active author who has published two books through SVS Press, and another, The Life of Saint Brigid, through Conciliar Press. This week she is giving away a copy of
The Woman and the Wheat on her blog. Find her at or

Katherine Bolger Hyde has been associated with Conciliar Press in some capacity for the last sixteen years, and is currently serves on a freelance basis as their acquisitions editor. She is also an author and will be giving away a copy of her book, Lucia, Saint of Light (Conciliar Press) Blog:
Lucia on Conciliar site:
Jane’s review of Lucia on AFR: http://

Claire Brandenburg has working in a variety of different art forms. She has exhibited her work in galleries and museums and has received numerous awards. In the last 10 years she has used both picture and word in the writing and illustration of Orthodox children’s books. She is currently starting a bookstore, Heavenly Ladder and reader’s Chapel, Holy Annunciation in Taos, N.M of which she is acting as manager through Holy Trinity Orthodox Church in Santa Fe, NM
See , Claire Brandenburg (FaceBook) , . She will be giving away a copy of the Tumbled Stone, (New Varatec Publishing, a small press through the Protection of the Mother of God Orthodox Monastery in Lake George, Colorado) on her blogspot and on facebook.