Thursday, May 19, 2011

I have a new eye!

I had a cataract operation today and it was most interesting. I could go back and do it again! (And will probably have to as I have one more of them.)
What a science! Refined to the inth degree.

I understand that an English doctor who invented the process found out that pilots, during World War 2, could still see with plastic from broken windshields embedded in their eyes. Through trial and error (and blindness) we have the procedure that was used today on me in Santa Fe. Amazing.

The Eye Surgeon was Dr. Arthur Weinstein (Eye Associates of New Mexico) who has not only great skill but a remarkable team of helpers. I can see why he has such high recommendations.

May God's grace help the inner eye of my heart to improve as well!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Look what Heavenly Ladder just got!

Thought I would start sharing with you some of the treasures that we have just gotten at the bookstore.
It's great to unwrap those mystery packages and see what the object that I thought looked so good online really looks like!

Here is a peek:

Uh-oh...Looks like it has peanuts. I wish that they had never been invented. What a mess. But I guess I have to remember how many fragile things that they have protected from here to there. Well this is kind of fragile so I guess they probably do a better job that some other things. I would sure vote for those blow up bags, they at least are recyclable.

Must be that peanuts is what the company thinks is best. Guess I'll put all of these top Styrofoam puffs in a bag so at least they are contained.

Well lets see how this looks.

Oh! Cute. Look at these clever little cookie presses. They could be used for bread too.

Here are some of the kinds that I got:

Jerusalem huh!

Look at this...a Celtic Shield. Very cool!

Here is a Russian Cross. I like that one.
There is also a Greek Cross.
This is how they look on my window table ready to sell. I like that they come with a cookie recipe that works well with them.

Pretty neat!

Want to know what else is in that corner of the Book Store?
Look at these candles that the Monastery of Saint Michael the Archangel makes in Canones, New Mexico. They are beeswax and they smell wonderful, like honey. Two sizes as you can see, a church candle size and a Bishop's candle (just right for a dinner table!)

These items will be posted on our website for sale. If you are interested check them out (Will need to copy and didn't work.)