Monday, August 29, 2011

Christ as a Man

I came across an very interesting video the other night that was downloadable through ITunes at the time to computer or I phone/I pad, or for purchase.
The series from the History Channel, is called "The Real Face of Jesus?".

Ray Downing a computer graphics artist worked to recreate Jesus' form and face in 3D imagery. He and his team used the Shroud of Turin as reference to recreate the way that Jesus may have looked. It is highly fascinating. Never before has the reality of Jesus as a human being, as a man , been so real to me.

I can say that mentally I know that he is both Man and God, but seeing the images and viewing the discussion changed my sense of His physical reality from a mental idea to one of personal conviction.

On the down side, the film is repetitive which is tedious, because it was intended to be shown in shorter segments and as such has a lot of reviewing of previous segments. The music is highly dramatic and charged. Also some things in it were questionable, but there are many things that are covered that are very interesting and remarkable.

Currently a group of scientists and researchers have formed STURP (The Shroud of Turin Research Project)in an ongoing effort to examine the shroud in detailed analysis.

A little of that background:
"In 1978, a group of scientist conducted a round-the-clock examination of the Shroud for 120 hours.
During this time the Shroud is lengthily submitted to photographic floodlighting, to low-power X-rays and to narrow band ultraviolet light. Dozens of pieces of sticky tape are pressed onto its surface and removed. A side edge is unstitched and an apparatus inserted between the Shroud and its backing cloth to examine the underside, which has not been seen in over 400 years. The bottom edge (at the foot of the frontal image) is also unstitched and examined...Baima Bollone obtains sample of Shroud bloodstain by mechanically disentangling warp and weft threads in the area of the 'small of the back' bloodstain on the Shroud's dorsal image...performing dozens of tests, taking thousands of photographs, photomicrographs, x-rays and spectra. A total of 120 continuous hours of testing is done, with team members working on different parts of the Shroud simultaneously. This is the most in-depth series of tests ever performed on the Shroud of Turin."

(From the web page-

Working together these two groups have created a very interesting video. Despite its shortfalls it is very well worth watching.

Please see comment below(Thanks for this info, Episcopalian!) -for some other options on seeing this on You Tube, as well as Itunes. It is probably rent-able from Netflix as well.