Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Word

I can almost hear it.

It must have been a Breath that sounded like an echoing expelling of air at the beginning of things.  It came flowing and pushing the waters at its center.  Droplets were thrown into the air and pooled from their center out, out over the whole of the universe.  The waters took up the Breath and the motion of the Breath and began to breath also from that single Breath. Waves were formed and they continued that breath in an out, chasing back and forth across the surface of the earth.
And then there was a Word and it was with the earth and small creatures were nudged into being by the Thoughts of the One God.

Our words because we are His creatures have a great power to invite, to create, to cause to grow; or to criticize, to condemn, to fill with thoughts of hellish worlds casting those that eat of them into places of soul destroying darkness.

How careful we have to be that our words are Love.

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