Sunday, June 1, 2014

I had an interesting walk this morning.  I had watched the movie, "The Way" about the road, El Camino de Santiago (The road of St. James)  which starts in the Great Pyrenees in France and continues into Spain to the Santiango de Campostella.  It is a good film.  I have always been intrigued by pilgrims walking great distances to pilgrimage sites; of course that is not an unusual thing in Northern New Mexico where many people walk at Easter to the church in Chimayo and/or the church in Santa Cruz.

 There is a wonderful book called "The Mystery of the Wonderworker of Ostrog" (St. Basil of Ostrog) that discusses a pilgrimage into the mountains of Serbia, up high rocky passes to the cave church and monastery of St. Basil with pilgrims often crawling the last bit before they reach the top.

At any rate, watching the film spurred me on to walk to the mailbox which is a mile from home. Not much of a pilgrimage I admit, but started thinking....Every new day is a journey.  What if I thought of it that way and actually prayed the prayer for a journey on land from the Orthodox prayer book each day.   With that thought in mind I began.  I walked about half way down the road and got a rock in my shoe so sat down on a telephone box and shook it out.  About the time I was putting my shoe back on there came a woman walking past me. I didn't realize she was even behind me.  I could tell by her legs that she knew what walking was about.  I said, "Got a rock in my shoe."  She said, "Rocks feel really big when they are in your shoe, but when you take them out they are very small." I said, "Yes, I know what you mean."  So we kept walking and she who was walking much faster than I, when on her way.  I realized that I still had the rock in my shoe so went on to the mailbox and leaned against it and took it out.  It was a little rock.  How like our problems, that seem so large and turn out to be nothing much.

As an "In the Way" a pilgrim starts out with a rock that is given to him and is told to put it down when he feels the time is right to do that.  I kept that little rock and have it in my purse, thinking I will know when to set it down. Certainly the worries that I carry with me should be set down at once as they are really quite small though I work them up into giants.